The process for the AX Member entry to Private AX Members only website.

1. The interested AX prospective Member user creates an account by going to the Facebook registration page of the AXCBRadioClub Group (https://www.facebook.com/groups/AlphaXrayCBRadioClub/) requesting to JOIN the AlphaXray International Syndicate. After contact with 43AX05 Greg an official number will be negotiated and designated to the new member.  The new AX Member needs to FB Message 43AX05 to get private details on USER & DISPLAY NAME & PASSWORD

THEN you can just login with your DISPLAY NAME ONLY (example 43AX05 Greg) and Password.

If the AX Member user tries to login before validating their account with 43AX05 an error is shown.

ANY problems with Registering or Logging in is to be reported to the admins of the AX Facebook page for resolution.